~Noody color Toromi blouse~

Good morning晴れ

From among many blogs
I really appreciate your visit.クローバー

Noody color Toromi blouse
le. coeur blancるんるん (音符)

Moderate side slit is mature
Because the gather sleeve is also cute
Looks like casual to denim
If you put it in your pants or skirt,
It will be beautiful and elegant style
Good thing🙄✨
Bad weather and upper body pic
I’m sorry🙇‍♀️

I also post pic in the Instagramカメラ

It is really self-sacrificing
Despite my poor blog reading
I am very happy.
Thank you very much for seeing me till the endわーい (嬉しい顔)ムード




こちら↓☆のブログでも主にコーディネートを綴っていまするんるん (音符)よろしかったら遊びに来てみてくださいねウィンク