【Low Price】Brown cord without outer need

Good morning晴れ

From among many blogs
I really appreciate your visit.クローバー


It is the coordinate of yesterday.るんるん (音符)

knit… le. coeur blanc
skirt… Joint Space&FEERICHELU
boots… Re:EDIT
bag… Joint Space&FEERICHELU
watch… Daniel Wellington

Brown Corde of the day when it was not necessary
Can be used until spring v Neck knit
Pick up at le. coeur blanc
I wonder if I can walk with such a dress in spite of midwinter
Something exciting
Toward the spring and summer
I also want a new basket bag

I also post pic in the Instagramカメラ

It is really self-sacrificing
Despite my poor blog reading
I am very happy.
Thank you very much for seeing me till the endわーい (嬉しい顔)ムード




こちら↓☆のブログでも主にコーディネートを綴っていまするんるん (音符)よろしかったら遊びに来てみてくださいねウィンク